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Think you might care what I think? It's OK if not, but if so I would love to share! My interests are quite varied, but they would narrow down a bit to historical fiction, mystery & suspense, contemporary fiction and YA if you twisted my arm to choose. I am a big fan of the series, but rarely do well when I can't start at the beginning. I can sometimes muddle through for those that can be standalone novels, but it is usually with some frustration and Googling of what happened in the previous episodes to tide myself over!

If you would like me to review a book, please also specify if you have a specific timeframe in which you would like it reviewed. I aim for 6-8 weeks from receipt unless otherwise requested, but this can flex based on other requests. I will be happy to notify you if I think I will need to deviate from this timeline. Reviews will all be cross-posted to both Goodreads and Amazon. Reviews will always be honest and thoughtful - if I love it you will know it and if I hate it, you will too. I strive to never throw anyone under a moving vehicle of any kind, but I will always be respectfully honest and support all stated opinions may they be good, bad, or the red-headed stepchild.

If you would like me to review your book, please contact me at - please reference your request in the subject line of your email.

What do MY stars mean?

I like to follow the herd mentality around here and stick with the good old 5-star system...not because I particularly love stars but Amazon and GR seem intent on using them, so might as well go with the flow!

1 - To be honest, the only reason I finished your book is because I agreed to review it. Either that, or it was so unpleasant that it landed in the book equivalent of Kathie Griffin's Life on the D List and I just had to see how far it would go....

1.5 -  This one doesn't really exist - if I disliked it enough to be in the * range at all, I'm not going to nitpick over halves....

2 - It was likely at least worth reading, and I MAY have even begun to like it. Points like blatant disregard for proper editing can often land a book here that otherwise may have been rated further up the scale.

2.5 - I've started to like it. Usually a good story with writing that is still a bit shy of the mark or lacking in large components like character development. Same goes as with ** on editing....

3 - I liked it overall, but it's nothing special. Typical 3-star traits are a great story without great writing or visa versa, or just being middle of the road in both regards.

3.5 -  I may have stayed up a little past bedtime to finish a chapter. Writing and story are at least close to good enough that I have begun to care about it.

4 - I'm probably in the boss's office being written up because I lost track of lunchtime. A great book that I care enough about to think about when I can't be reading and will wholeheartedly recommend. Well composed and clearly creative.

4.5 - Essentially unforgettable, but I probably had just a few small things that kept the gut from falling over the 5-star cliff.

5 - Monumental, unforgettable and amazing. Exceptionally creative, and extremely well written. I usually have about 7-10 of these a year, sometimes more and sometimes less. I usually go through multiple copies of these because I will buy them FOR someone else just to get more people to read it.

5+ - There have been exactly 3 of you in the 27 years I have known how to read. Don't get your hopes up (but of course give it your best shot!)

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