Who I Am

My "Little House on the Prairie" reenactment...complete with running down this hillside before this little rest!

Welcome! My name is Leah and, among a few other things, love just about anything written. It all started in Kindergarten in Portland, Oregon, when I found out at school that a boy in my class already knew how to read. Being true to my nature, even at 5 years old, I marched straight home and demanded to learn how to read. That was over 25 years
ago, and I'm still going strong.
My favorite genres are historical fiction, mystery/suspense, classics of any kind, and books about travel and the outdoors, both fiction and non. I am trying to branch out to read more non-fiction in general and have made some good progress with biographies and memoirs so far.

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, but the hometown of my past has slipped away over the past decade, and home is now the tiny little town of Gardiner, Montana, gateway community to Yellowstone National Park.
I live here, and work 5 miles away in Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming (inside YNP), working in Group Sales for the park concessionaire. I ended up here about 11 years ago, for a summer job in college, and I was hooked from the beginning. It's quite an interesting place to live, and the long, cold winters lend to plenty of time for reading! My other blog is about the crazy world of this tiny town - Big Sky, Small Town

In addition to books and reading, I love to knit and crochet, snowboard, rock climb, hike, camp, cross country ski, see live music, and pretend I know how to take decent photographs. My goal for each year is to actually make and attempt to keep short term goals...a few of which are my reading challenges, and keeping up with my blogs. The goals change each year, but the underlying goal still remains the act of actually making and trying to adhere to them!
I hope you enjoy my sporadic thoughts and ramblings. I leave you with one of my favorite places....

Old Faithful Inn Widow's Walk
Yellowstone National Park, WY