Monday, January 3, 2011

The Complusion

I have this a bit of a shop-a-holic tendency, though fortunately it is not a very expensive one....thrift store book shelves. I'm pretty sure the seeds of this compulsion were planted the first time my dad took me into Powell's City of Books in my hometown of Portland, OR, and it hasn't stopped since.

While there are never-ending possiblities of things to do around my little town of Gardiner, MT, which happens to be adjacent to Yellowstone, the very short winter days lend to a lot of time relaxing in the house. For someone like me who loved to read since before I even realized what reading was, this is a great thing. So are the shelves upon shelves of used books to be found for often as little as 25 cents, thus inspiring me to carry home yet another box of treasures just about every time I set foot into a local thrift store.

The constant collecting of random books, combined with my already random taste, makes for a quite eclectic reading list, as you will certainly see after a few entries into this blog. There will be Historical Fiction and Knitting Fiction, Chick Lit and Fishing Guides, Biographies and Church Mythology. It won't be for everyone(I'm sure by dad has no interest in Eat, Pray Love...and I'm pretty sure my mom could give a hoot about The Last Templar), so pick and choose, enjoy, ponder and by all means disagree....that's the fun part right?

Tonight will have a few posts, since I've done a few recent "reviews" on Good Reads. Then, I guess I'll have to get to reading!

Happy 2011!

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