Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Laughably Mediocre Results of the 2011 Challenges

It's a new year, and time for some new Challenges. But first, how about a summary of the completion (or general lack thereof!) of the 2011 Challenges!

Reading Goals - 66.6% Complete
- 50 Books for 2011, complete with counter to keep me motivated and excited to see the numbers go up! - Fell a little shy on this one, with 35 out of 50. Still happy with the total though!
- Write a review for at least half of my books read in 2011 -  I read an odd number of books (35) and reviewed 17....the "official" half is 17.5, so I'm rounding up from 17 and saying this one is good!
- Give away at least 10 books that I've enjoyed to friends/colleagues, to hopefully get some folks around me able to have some great book conversations! - I honestly don't know the official count on this, but considering that I sent at least 3 packages of books to Old Faithful this summer and another one with 4 books in right after Christmas, I'm having the faith that it was at least 10.

Blog - 0.00% Complete

- Post at least two blog posts per week - This one did ok up to when my computer finally kicked the bucket in March. It was all downhill from there.
- Only one post per week can be a review...must be creative and stretch the brain muscles a bit more - See above!

Knitting/Crochet - 25% Complete

- Complete both scarves that I have started so far this year! - I technically restarted one of them AGAIN, after it was long enough to be finished, because I am a little too particular sometimes. But, it did officially reach the required size for completion :)
- Finish my best friend's daughter's baby blanket...before her 2nd birthday in October. - And that would be a negative on both counts....not finished at all, let alone in time for the birthday. I actually think it is about the size of a large washcloth at the moment. Maybe time to start thinking about making it a throw blanket for when she goes to college.....
- Learn how to knit something that is not just some variation of a square(aka - no scarves, coasters, dish towels, blankets, etc) - And again....negative.
- Crochet a hat that actually fits my head :o) - I obviously had a rough year with the fiber crafts......

New Things I've Been Planning to Do - 50% Complete

- Actually take the pottery class I talk about every year! - Ok, so I didn't actually do this, but I'm still counting it. I did actually look up the class, make sure I had enough money and that it fit the schedule...then they didn't have it.

Gettin Out! - 62.5% Complete
- Go to at least 3 places on my local "To Visit" list - Woo hoo for exploring! I visited: Lewis & Clark Caverns, Natural Bridge State Park, Drove Chief Joseph Highway to Cody and went to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center!
- Take vacation to somewhere that neither Bryan nor I have been - Since we didn't go on vacation, that made this one a little tough.....
- Hike! I'm going to keep track of what I do from May-September, and the goal is to average 5 miles per week for the summer - While I did get out quite a bit more this summer than in the past few years, I have to be honest and say I probably didn't make the 5 mile per week average. So, I'm giving myself half credit for this one since I did at least make an improvement!
- Try a new outdoor activity(I have a sneaking feeling this will end up being hunting with the boys, but still undecided on that one!) - And hunting with the boys it was! I had the joyous experience of attempting (poorly I might add) to be quite while walking through dried leaves and fallen branches, watching Bryan shoot and gut a deer, getting lost while trying to find my way back to the car through trailless woods and then having my car smell like dead deer until, well, it honestly still kind of smells like it. Overall, I would definitely go again....and the deer sure does taste good (and save on grocery spending, yay!). I also spent a day on an outboard motor boat attempting to fish with my dear friend Laney - I will definitely go out and play on the lake again!
- Finish my guitar instruction book and DVD, and be able to play at least 3 songs from memory - Nope....but I did open the book!

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