Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Attack of the EBook Reader!

Ok, so it's not really an attack, because I would like one(hint, hint honey!). But....

I ran across this poll from Joy on Goodreads - Book Haven yesterday, and it made me think, cringe, squirm and any other way of feeling unhappy that can possibly exist.

As for me, I'm am an unwavering loyalist to real, live, in-my-hands reading material. Stiff bindings, cracked bindings, crisp new pages, dog eared pages, pages discolored from age, marked from previous owners, wiggly from my Nalgene leaking in the backpack on a camping trip. EBook readers will never be able to give me any of these things(in fact, the Nalgene on the camping trip may just kill it!), and I would be lost if these things were gone.

While books are the most important to me, it doesn't stop there. I worked in advertising sales at a newspaper for a brief stint a few years back, primarily working on the internet advertising side. Looking back, I think my love of paper had a good bit to do with it being a brief stint, as I never was able to buy into it enough to sell it effectively. Not to say that I don't love the internet(because I do!) and appreciate shopping and advertising available to me. But, when it comes to local things such as restaurant specials, music, events, sales etc, reading them with the distinctive feel of newsprint in my hands while I read just goes so much further.

For the love of yummy reads.....what do you think?


  1. A world without weathered pages? I'd curl up in a corner and die a slow death.

    So glad I discovered your blog through the Chicks on Lit group over at Good Reads. :D

  2. That is the absolute best description of the painful thoughts I have when the possibility of no more books is even suggested! I think I'll be having "Fahrenheit 451" book burning nightmares for a few days, ew.